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Hello everyone!

First of all, thanks for coming to check out our new blog! I hope I’m entertaining enough that you will follow this, because that way you will get to hear about all the important as well as interesting news to do with Celebrate the Child, “A Magical Evening” shows, and our volunteer trip to Kenya to visit and help work on the new school built in Oloirien. (a school that could have only been built thanks to your generous support, might I add!)

But I’m getting ahead of myself! I should first tell you who “me” is!

I’m Hannah Christensen, daughter of Emma and Jeff Christensen, and sister of Jonah Christensen. As Celebrate the Child is run entirely by my family, (which made me the only 15-year-old at my parent’s disposal) I’ve been appointed the “PR” person of sorts for this adventure. (which is an interesting title for a 15-year-old to have.)

As many of you may know, Celebrate the Child has produced an annual charity magic show each year since 2008, all the proceeds of which have gone to children’s charities such as Canuck Place, Make-A-Wish, Raise-A-Reader, and, finally Free the Children.

Last year, the year in which the proceeds went to Free the Children was a particularly special one for us as we managed not only to bring in from Las Vegas, Mr. Jeff McBride as our headlining act, but we also, with your generous support, raised $8500, enough money to build a school room in Kenya!


As if this wasn’t mind blowing enough for me personally, in March, my family will have the opportunity to spend part of our spring break in the Masai Mara of Kenya to see for ourselves what life is like on the other side of the world. So as to bring you all along with us, (and not have to pay for each of your plane tickets!) I’ll be writing journal entries, (which will later be posted to this very blog) and taking load of pictures of our experience and, more importantly, your impact. Finally, there will be a couple special presentations at the Magical Evening show taking place on JUNE 21ST, 2014 to celebrate all the support you’ve given. So, JUNE 21st! SAVE THE DATE!

So, in short, that’s why you should subscribe! Important information about this year Magical Evening show, news about Celebrate the Child, and of course, the Kenya trip experience! Who wouldn’t want to read the diary of a 15-year-old girl!

Until next time!
Hannah Christensen

4 thoughts on “Hannah’s Blog

  1. What an inspiring first entry Hannah (aka PR Woman)! We are salivating to read every last detail of your phenomenal trip and are really looking forward to your photo journalism too…Have a blast and be safe. Big hugs to you all. Deborah

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