Community Fundraisers

Thanks again to everyone who participated in our 2020 Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser! For a fun look back at all the delicious meals that were made…

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For reasons that will be a surprise to no one, we were unable to hold our usual twelfth annual A Magical Evening fundraiser this year. In our family, the magic show helps turn a difficult time of year something we all actually look forward to.

Each year we usually hold our Magical Evening as close as we can to Jonah’s birthday, June 19th, but that often means that the 19th itself is left available. To commemorate the day our family will go out to a local restaurant and eat a spaghetti dinner, one of Jonah’s favourite meals. We were so disappointed that we wouldn’t be able to keep up one annual tradition this year, but with restaurants starting to open back up at least we could hold on to another.

It’s been difficult for all of us to be apart from our communities the past few months, and we’ve been trying to brainstorm ways that we can all be together, but apart, and if possible raise some money while we’re doing it.

To that end, we’re so pleased to be able to partner with Helping Hands this year to hold a virtual community meal!

This year, to remember Jonah, we invite you to join us in eating a spaghetti dinner for Jonah’s birthday – either at home or at a local restaurant – and send us a picture! For each picture sent in to our Celebrate the Child Facebook page ( ) or our email,, by June 30th, Helping Hands and the Christensen family will donate $20 to Backpack Buddies, up to a maximum of $6000. Backpack Buddies is a wonderful local charity that we have supported in the past that helps fill the hunger gap for children in the Lower Mainland. We’re so thankful for the support of Helping Hands in helping us find a way to keep fundraising, even at a distance.

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